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Welcome to White Sandal Weddings where your dream wedding becomes a reality ! 


Beach weddings create a magical, romantic backdrop for your perfect day.  Imagine soft, white sand, glistening waves as they return to shore, while the two of you exchange your vows in a hue of colors provided by the sunset.  Your vows are a commitment to your love which takes a lifetime to fulfill, vows are the single most important element of your wedding day.


White Sandal Weddings provides all couples with personalized vows that are guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and cherish… Because a promise is forever!


White Sandal Weddings has designed wedding packages to match every budget, from simple to exquisite, or customize your own to your wants and needs


We are located on the west coast of Florida on the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We have some of the best sunsets in the world, so we specialize in beach weddings.  Possible destinations include: Clearwater, Sunset, Treasure Island, or Madeira Beaches.  ​Parks and backyards also make lovely backdrops for a wedding.  After talking with the couple, we can find the perfect space, just for you.


Visit our gallery to view our newly-wed couples.


Debbie is incredible at her work. My husband and I had the most beautiful wedding day because of her. We gave her very short notice and two weeks to plan our wedding. Not even knowing where to begin, Debbie made the whole day happen within our budget and being absolutely perfect. Her sense of creativity gave us the perfect touches of exactly what we wanted. As a bride, I didn’t have to worry about a thing when it came down to the planning of our wedding day. I could focus on myself without any other stress all thanks to Debbie. I knew the moment I saw it all finished that there was no one better for the job than her. Three years later, I still remember our wedding day with so much joy and am forever grateful for her work that day. 

Jessica & Alex

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